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hello…..! Thanks for visit my blog.

My name is Aissam,and i am currently 28 years old.i am still living in london.

I spend the time of my life in school and working like same of other people in the world.

First i was study in my country after since when i was 20 years old i finish my school ,i mean i stop to continued the college in high school.

After that ,i was start to do formation of fabrication mechanic for two years ,nd then i start to travel nd have a look how can i to be working nd find something much better life nd to know more about the culture of the other people.

I went in tunisia for few month after i moved in istanbul in turkey for two years stay there to learn about job nd other things ,nd i was usually working in t-shirt fabrication company after i moved in belgian for few month nd moved in uk in london ,know i am still here for four nd half years doing some work nd some learning .

I never work or start to think about this website but in the moment i think i miss something is important nd we used every time ,so this net word is easy things we can used just to be real straight nd practise more to become easy later.

Thanks for everyone who read or doesn’t read my few word about me.



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